Reduce energy consumption and prevent wastage in the enterprise is increasingly a primary goal of the company management.

Improving energy efficiency, together with proper management of energy performance business, it allows:

  • contain costs crucial factor for each type of company but in particular for those energivorous
  • optimize production processes by eliminating waste and be more efficient and competitive in the market
  • increase its environmental sustainability by reducing the amount of CO2 emissions and improving the environmental image of your company
  • reduce the risk of volatility in the prices of energy supply
  • obtain useful qualifications for participation in tenders and competitions

The team of 2A GROUP is qualified to help companies of any industry in the intelligent energy management through:

  • the study and optimization of energy supply contracts
  • analysis of consumption and energy requirements and their progress over time
  • the identification of the critical energy (plant and organizational / management) and the adoption of technologies energy - saving
  • monitoring of savings and rationalization of energy flows through the construction of appropriate energy indicators and the use of management software
  • the recovery of lost energy and verification of energy improvement opportunities, through the presentation of projects of energy efficiency certificates (white certificates) or the study of the feasibility of installing renewable energy plants
  • Pay Back Time assessment of projects identified

Our approach thus enables companies to:

  • consume less, using the amount of energy necessary exactly to the specific production cycle, without wastage
  • consume better by choosing the most suitable way to get the best result from the energy used
  • reduce consumption of energy from fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal), assessing with the client the use of alternative energy sources

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