Sustainable development is a form of development that does not compromise the ability of future generations to continue the growth and improvement, maintaining the quality and quantity of natural reserves. The aim is thus to maintain an economic development compatible with the environmental balance.

The current rate of consumption of natural resources, environmental pressure generated and pollution linked to the industrial development of countries in rapid industrial development threaten ever more widespread for the environment in which we live.

Reverse this trend becomes a priority and legislative developments at national and international shows it. Even consumers become increasingly aware of the subject and there are many companies that voluntarily decide to regroup and plan production cycles of their goods or services so that they can be sustainable in the coming decades.

In this context, the carbon footprint for organizations is the optimal tool to monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of environmental management policies undertaken and to communicate to the outside to achieve its sustainability goals.

2A GROUP has developed the necessary tools for a comprehensive approach to sustainability, serving as a reliable partner that can accompany any organization in this path. Our approach is strictly technical, analyzing each stage of the value chain and life cycle by measuring its "weight" in terms of sustainability and giving a clear indicator and incisive able to:

  • monitor its environmental performance
  • make efficient its production processes and organizational: purchasing, production, logistics, etc.
  • increase their competitiveness by reducing inefficiencies
  • communicating to the market their image green

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