2A GROUP offers advice studied specifically for each specific company and aimed at the design and implementation of management systems comply with standards / guidelines of reference, national and international, ensuring its efficiency and evaluating its effectiveness in a continuous improvement over time. 

Our technical team is able to provide specific advice in designing, updating and integration of management systems for Quality, Environment, Safety and Energy.

Our method provides for:

  • An Initial analysis through a check-up designed to determine the specific needs of the organization and possible regulatory / legislative gap
  • activity planning and the scheduling through a shared timetable
  • the development of management systems through the preparation of manuals, procedures, instructions and all necessary forms
  • the continuous exchange of information with the company contacts for sharing the projects and the documents producted
  • the implementation of the management system and training of internal staff
  • performing internal audits according to the UNI EN ISO 19011 conducted to test the effectiveness and compliance of the system for the purposes of subsequent certification
  • the possible assistance and support during the visit of Certification Entity

2A GROUP, thanks to its long experience and its qualified team, is able to support its customers in defining a management system that is truly useful and usable by the organization and in particular:

  • a flexible and dynamic system, which is able to manage the various aspects and risks, ensuring legal compliance and improving business performance over time
  • a light system, which the manual, the operating procedures and related forms are processed in a simple and schematic with the use of flow diagrams, tables and timetables
  • an effective system, with performance indicators for the measurement of company performance, sent to effective audit, conducted in accordance with precise criteria and based on advanced check list
  • a system is in keeping with the practices and methods adopted and established in their specific situation

Our advice in the field of management systems provides support to the design and implementation, staff training, updating and maintenance, integration of multiple systems, support services for the following years.