2A GROUP provides a complete package of consulting services for health and safety at the workplace from small to large companies. Our qualified team can provide support covering all legal requirements (Italian Legislative Decree 81/08) by:

  • identifying, preventing and protecting from any risk for your company
  • updating internal documentation and procedures for public institutions
  • organising prevention and protection services and taking on the RSPP role
  • training and providing information for employers and employees
  • supporting technicians in case of inspection visits

Our work method includes programmed site visits at the customers' premises, speaking with workers, defining an annual training plan, detecting non-conformities, evaluation of risks, assistance focused on continual improvement of the company's safety and updating documentation as required by Italian Legislative Decree 81/08.

We believe that an adequate company safety and health strategy can:

  • prevent risks related to safety at the workplace and prove that the company is socially responsible
  • protect top company management from administrative liability (Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001) resulting from the performance of activities
  • protect and enhance the brand's image and value
  • create more competent, aware, participating, motivated and healthier workforce
  • reduce company costs and increase competitiveness
  • meet customer expectations in terms of safety and technical-professional suitability

A risk that is not been correctly identified and prevented may not just cost the life and health of workers: it may result in very serious sanctions for the company and the employer. This is the reason why safety is a result of training, actions and careful analysis. Our technicians are available to carry out a free initial site visit.