2A GROUP is specialised in "source inspections" activities, that is inspections carried out on premises of suppliers of materials, products, machinery, systems and their components to ensure they comply with project requirements before shipping to the installation site.

A team of qualified technicians carries out second and third-party inspection, according to contractual specifications and international reference standards, during and after the production process of:

  • pipes, valves, flanges, fittings, etc.
  • electrical motors, actuators, converters, transformers, UPS and MCC panels, etc.
  • skids, boilers, pressurised containers, cranes and lifting equipment, heat exchangers, fire-fighting machinery and systems, chimneys and incinerators, etc.
  • turbo gas generators and compressors, pumps, etc.

They also verify implementation of production programs, locating any bottlenecks and, according to critical situations identified, encourages suppliers to comply with contractual delivery times.