Companies and public authorities are subject to a regulatory legislative compliance , and they are also called by stakeolders to a more conscious and sustainable management of all administrative and / or production that may have an impact on the environment .

2A GROUP offers its customers an environmental consulting service to 360 degrees in order  to support them at all stages of their core business, the authorizations for logon to the characterization, remediation and redevelopment of brownfields.

To find the best solution for each customer, the analysis of various issues is always faced with the study of specific cases, their classification in terms of legislation and the  management of specific solutions to each client, including  cost analysis of investment and operation.

2A GROUP , also, thanks to its long experience and his team of specialized techinicians continually trained, is able to support its customers in a process of resource conservation and sustainability, guiding them also towards the claim on market of their green initiatives.