The ten years of experience in the security industry have led to a deep expertise in the coordination and planning of all the activities taking place in the area of ​​major infrastructure projects.

2A TECH - part of 2A GROUP - is the reality that is in charge of support to the main contractor of major rail and civilians, customizing the coordination structure and safety management in order to ensure the optimization of time necessary to complete the projects.

The nature of our work is also to get to know the systems and subsystems with which our operators interface, in order to create the better conditions for the machining and the tests that are carried out.

The main contractor of major projects, such as foster companies that build driverless Metros, entrusting such outsourced delegate to us all the functions necessary for compliance with the prerequisites necessary to implement the processes in safety which management of work permits , the inputs in the gallery, the energizations, planning and coordination meetings, etc.

We assist our clients in all phases of construction until the time of final delivery of the work, also managing multiple tasks simultaneously and related systems and subsystems. We also provide a maintenance service, that gives our product a valuable support for the handover from the construction phase to the after-care of the Great Work.

Our work is both engineering and operational, supporting a team of engineers also operational personnel and using specific equipment.

Our property also features a customizable informatic tool can handle all possible scenarios for the client and update it within 24 hours on the status quo of the work.

For the provision of service requires a preliminary meeting and a site inspection to be agreed that will ensure, by way of advice, a development of optimized service to achieve the objectives.