Our mission

2A ECOGESTIONI offers companies and public institutions an innovative service in the environmental consulting market, in order to positively tackle the sustainable development challenge with advanced means.

About us

Today 2A ecogestioni is a leading company on Italy's scene of firms specialising in the environmental and works with research, certification and training institutions to seek innovative management strategies, namely those aimed at sustainable development.

Our experience and our expertise come from afar. Our experience spreading across more than 20 years that culminates in the competence of professionals operating within other companies part of the 2A Group: 2A ENGINEERING srl, ELYSIA srl, 2A TECH srl.

We are working to ensure 2A ECOGESTIONI becomes a reliable partner for all customers, measuring the quality of service against the added value created: for us, customer loyalty is the proof.

Our customers choose 2A ECOGESTIONI because we are a reliable partner:

  • we know how to solve their problems, whilst safeguarding their interests
  • we place our reputation at their service
  • we remain at their disposal on the long term

The careful professional preparation of 2A ECOGESTIONI consultants is the basis on which we build our business and our reliability. We believe in the need for strict selection of personnel and intense and ongoing training: our expertise is our capital.

Our brands