For waste that has not been specifically classified as dangerous (that does not have a mirroring CER code), not much changes.

For waste that has been classified as dangerous (that also does not have a mirroring CER code), one must verify the following:

  1. the possibility that waste may be classified with the 3 new CER codes introduced by legislation:
  • 01 03 10* – red sludge deriving from the production of alluminia containing dangerous substances, different from those in item 01 03 07
  • 16 03 07* – metallic mercury
  • 19 03 08* – partially stabilised mercury
  1. Change danger characteristics H (from H 1 to H15) to HP (from HP1 and HP5)
  1. Verify adaptation of danger characteristics to the new parameters since the legislation has introduced new limits (pay special attention to the new classes HP5 and HP6). If waste is subject to periodic analysis, the lab can quickly supply exhaustive information regarding this verification

For waste with mirror codes: verify with the lab if the waste is dangerous or not after the introduction of new limits on the concentration of substances that may make the waste dangerous and attribute the correct danger class (pay careful attention to the new HP 5 and HP 6 classes).